I Promised I'd Blog More 3 Months Ago...

Hi Everybody!

Cosmic Kitten Website Boii Zach here with updates!

We’ve been working on so many great things for you and they’re all right around the corner. As I sit here watching Karen dig through old cloths to sell on her Depop Page to fund more band en-devours I just think about what’s around the corner.

We already went and shot a new music video with Scott of Pancake Mountain like I previously blogged about which was an absolute joy. Things were even easier and more fun then the last time and the video came out amazing.


The Release show is planned for the 31st of March in Downey at the Epic Lounge and it looks to be one hell of a great time.

Additionally in a random turn of events we found ourselves recording a new album again, this time things were a little different. Opportunities that had arisen had us pushing to write 14 all new songs, 10 of which made it through onto the record. It was a grueling 2 months making it happen, one month of prep and a month of tracking, but it’s been so worth it. The whole album was tracked to 2 inch tape just like the old days. walking into the studio everyday out of the pouring rain and laying down loud dirty guitars without a computer in sight was a dream come true.

We’re so proud of this album, it’s a new Cosmic Kitten yet the same CK you love at the same time, it’s really us matured and we think it shows. We started show it around to a few people here and there at private listening sessions at the request of some shadowy business type figures and so far things have seemed great, we really can’t wait to share whats come together with all of you, instead of keeping things so secret haha but time will tell.

As we come into our 3rd March as a band only good things are to come, tour dates are coming together for our next outing and in the meantime we put all our time and energy into getting money together and shows to fill our current months leading up to the inevitable departure back into the world mask free, being who we always are underneath but have to hide behind a mask to get by in day to day societal life…passionate musicians.

With Love,
Drummer Boi Zach

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Zachary Huckabee