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Hey everyone,

Zach Here

It’s been a long long while since I updated the news page here, since April 24th to be exact and I suppose and explanation is due.

Life is hard…haha and things just get busier and busier, so I’ll fill you all in, here in a quiet solemn place where most people are not likely to see.

Photo by @SpookyHelder on instagram

Photo by @SpookyHelder on instagram

Since we last spoke here Cosmic Kitten have Released our 3rd album titled “Lobotomy” Toured across the West coast, played our first shows outside of California and got a taste for what it might mean to have a chance at a life doing this…we like the flavors presented…and most of all we like you guys. You’ve all been so kind, loving and supportive through this and I can’t help but be moved to the core by that kindness, but I digress. We were able to release 3 music videos including getting to meet and work with a childhood enigma of mine Scott Stuckey of Pancake Mountain fame on the first of hopefully many videos together (Some in the not to distant future in fact.). We also released a Live Album chronicling our West Coast Tour of which we released a three part mini series live video along side on youtube as well as the release of all sorts of new merch.

All that was not without sacrifice though…I saw the loss of both of my childhood dogs, an uncle and the nearing end for another. Karen saw the unpredictable loss of her Brother in-law, which wrought with it a different kind of darkness, not to mention the constant moving and money struggles that make life so uncertain, planning anything feels unsure.

I myself recently started working 73 hour work weeks along side the band, I don’t sleep, but I’m relatively happy knowing I’ll be able to fund a lot of the bands endevours. I’ll be glad that this year is over, because that means I can leave all the challenges of this year behind us, and look forward to the future. I’m grateful for 2018, it brought a lot of new, wonderful experiences to us, hell it even brought us all together, but the futures looking sweet.

We’ve got a new album sometime next year (some songs are written and played live) new friends to play shows with and have a good time, New music videos, New tours, New merch, and most of all…new memories worth remembering.

I love you all…Thanks for weathering the storm with me and the band this whole year,
Your Drummer Boiii

P.S. I’ll make sure to update you guys a lot more often

Photo by Jorge Miranda

Photo by Jorge Miranda

Zachary Huckabee